A Perfect Storm

A storm in a teacup that is. And a great outcome for John Key. Some have said the teacup incident was a fiasco and he made a mistake not talking to the media. It was a brilliant play.¬†Some of the elderly who might have been wooed by the Conservatives or UnitedFuture were scared or annoyed into voting New Zealand first which was effectively a wasted vote for a walking charismatic corpse.¬†The party vote take for Act and UnitedFuture was minuscule but Key can still count on the reliable Banks and Dunne to pass great swathes of legislation.¬†Outcome: Potential annoying coalition partners have been smashed well into the future but¬†National¬†effectively has 62 MP’s. ¬†
 The twittering twerps from Labour and NZF can twat along merrily and National will appear the saner option for it.   No coalition partners a  problem for 2014? I predict the next election will be favorable for National if people are still voting to keep Labour out and voting celebrity over grit and stridency.
Good for New Zealand? The hope factor is high but the undercurrents are already swirling. I have been told by an insider that the recent story about funding for the next intake of police recruits was not a bogie dreamt up by Phil Goff. Potential recruits are already gearing to cross the Tasman because their intake has been cancelled for spurious reasons.
I know a lot of younger people leaving New Zealand for Australia. This may be just one example.

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