Remove the children

The Herald reports:

Government agencies should be able to remove children in ‘p’ environments within 24 hours. Any mother who is breastfeeding while high on P needs to address her addictions and get an iPhone to play with rather than blithely putting her latest ‘toy, ‘a human baby at risk.  The culture of: “CYF’s was working with the family”, is rubbish. That just leads to more deaths and damaged children. The following excerpt from the CYF’s website is a bit too touchy feely for most: 

We work closely with families to help them find their own solutions, so they can:

  • deal with their problems
  • make the changes they need so their children will be safe and well cared for
  • achieve their goals for the family. 

Lovely.  These families can tit around with fluffy social workers at the tax payers expense and carry on offending without fear of real consequence. Remove the children. Change our: “they just need more hugs”, culture.

Discuss and share:

    Drug abuse and addiction is not conducive to good parenting, or safe parenting. But there are some difficulties with removing kids.
    – one or both partners?
    – boyfriends/girlfriends/flatmates?
    – how addicted?
    – how affected?
    – alcohol?
    – tobacco?

  • mark

    If you had a clue Monique you’d know that there’s no money, no staff and nowhere to put those kids.

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