#Givingashit. Or: Wedding of the Year

The Herald reports on media dahlings Hosking and nee Hawkesby:


The article finishes with:

Hawkesby and Hosking announced their engagement in July in NZ Women’s Weekly. They have five children.

Incorrect. The couple have five children between them, from previous marriages. That is, unless Hosking’s twins came out of Hawkesby’s vagina. Or her caesarian scar. Anything is possible these days but I don’t believe that’s the case.

Elsewhere in the media the couple are also described as having five children. If I were Marie ex-Hosking I would be livid. I have five children. Two of them twins.  Late nights filled with blood, sweat, tears and crap.
And then there are the kids.
Every moment of our five children’s infancy has been hard work. Those who have been through it would rightly rage at having that hard work carelessly attributed to another individual.

After all:


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