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A big case of Special-itis from a woman who is old enough to know better but has instead gone to the media and cosied up with the Greens in the ongoing saga of Prossie-wannabe Tania Wysocki.
The truly impoverished would love to be on her income. $43,000 falls short of poverty level; to me a person can exist on $14,000 a year. I have. She has this for her and her three children; she doesn’t have to work so can spend this time learning how to improve her prospects. When I had two children I had spare time for volunteering and other malarky.
Reduce rent costs and move away from Auckland, sweetheart. The provinces, especially Hamilton and Taranaki are better for vet work, unless you want to specialise in handbag size dogs that double as BMW seat warmers.

She also has the option of searching for a job without paying fees. Studying as a mature student is a waste of time and makes you poor. Poor and depressed. Poor, depressed and old, due to all the younger students. Get on and make the best of what experience you’ve got, is my advice. Heaps of vet nurse positions are currently being advertised on Trade-Me. Some of them may require no qualification or employers may be willing to take her on while she trains. She is not the only solo Mum who has ever found herself in this position. Full credit to those strong women that don’t run and bleat to the media but get on with the unenviable task of weighing up their options and making the most of things.
She seems resourceful, if misguided, rather than a straight up loser. I was initially skeptical about her choice of study – animal vet nurse seems a bit niche and the latest trendy replacement for media studies. However she has experience in a stable so it may be a logical career path.¬†If she is canny she will now try and sell her story off to Woman’s Day or similar agency.

I doubt she’ll ever take a sex client. It’s a bit like threatening self-harm. If she was serious about joining the oldest profession she’d be already be knees deep in black satin sheets.
No aspersions on the industry. Apart from some scatty seventeen year olds druggies, I have always found such professionals to be lovely woman, female to the bottom of their capable warm hearts and paid mostly for the ability to accommodate mens ego’s rather than any personal or physical sacrifice.
It is amazing how many you meet as a landlady.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12538783137602201932 Monique Watson

    Before the comments roll in about class divisions between Landlords and Pro’s I must also mention that I know more than one property investor who has moonlighted by hooking due to the GFC.
    Not me. I’m fulltime in the most maligned of professions. I’m a JAFUH.
    Just Another Fucking Unpaid Housewife.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09077036678119682927 Jacqueline

    You make it sound so easy.

    “Just move to the provinces”

    Did you ever think about the fact that her children may have a father that it is to their benefit to live near? Sometimes we are stuck living somewhere that we don’t want to be, and we make sacrifices for our children. She doesn’t exactly live in Auckland anyway? Find me a rental property for less than the $280 a week that she already pays – anywhere in this country. Good luck with that.

    You lived on 14 k a year? With how many kids? And what were your living circumstances? Were you living with your parents? Because living on 14 k a year in your own rental would be impossible – unless you did this back in 1969.

    You are typical of the type of person that i have described many times. Like Paula Bennett – who used the TIA to get where she is today – and like Johnk Key who is forever reminding of us his time growing up in a state home – you have a complete lack of empathy for the situation that this woman has found herself in. You have the “I did it so it is easy” attitude.

    It always amazes me how it is usually the people who have made it through hard times and come out on top – who are the hardest on the people who are still struggling, and lack the most emmpathy for others.

    I knew i should stop reading your blog post when i read your opinions of the hookers you have known. You must be hanging out with some pretty evil people if you think prositutes are lovely people with warm hearts. I never met one that was not addicted to drugs, was not a compulsive liar, and would not steal off her own children. Most importantly – i never met one happy prostitute.

    Nasty blog post and your condescending “sweethearts” say more about you than they do about Tania.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12538783137602201932 Monique Watson

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12538783137602201932 Monique Watson

    Sorry darl.
    You might want to read my latest post on the matter:

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