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A few people have commented that I sound quite grumpy about NZ in my blog. Perhaps I do.
New Zealand, I want to shake you out of your divisiveness and complacency.
If you were a child of mine I would probably call you “Griselda”,and I would try and give you some firm re-parenting. As¬†I told my 7 year today: No matter what annoys you, you are never going to win any arguments with tantrums, tears or blackmail.
I say this, because you can be quite stroppy and divisive. If the ‘other side’, wins in election year, the propaganda rolls out. Haters and wreckers from all ends of the political spectrum emerge from the woodwork. New Zealand, you have to learn to debate the issue and not the ideology.
On other occasions you can be quite passive and will gleefully accept a mass of political contradictions that is handed to you on a platter. Start looking for the truth that is right for you; for a more peaceful coexistence and racial harmony into the future.
You have no feeling of nationalistic pride, New Zealand, and it threatens you when you see demonstrations of might by the more powerful.
Always remember: Those nations that you have long standing relations with, and who you wish to trade freely with have a long standing history of tried and tested democracy. There are those who would seek to profiteer by subjugation, and these bodies sometimes co-exist within a free nations’ borders. ¬†The danger is very real.
Be wary of collective action, New Zealand, while always working to protect workers rights. The trouble with collectivity is that it spins off cultish factions that can bend the ear of the media to the same degree as the most relentless corporate. Be wary of glib patter, from whatever quarter it hails.
Stop tugging the forelock, New Zealand. What is more important? Arse kissing on the national stage, or reclaiming a day for some true expression of National identity. Try for some grown up discussion around becoming a republic. Just having a true National Day to hang your hat off may help the very inequality that you bemoan so vocally.

Give up your addiction to serfdom, New Zealand. 
The relations of a rather wise but elderly lady will be visiting later in the year. Apart from the Babyboomers, who cares?
Dedicate a day to the young and the hearty by replacing the defunct Queen’s Birthday with a day of National Pride. Allow Maoridom to reclaim Waitangi Day, and demonstrate to the world your inroads on interracial harmony.
Good luck in your emergence from your young nation status. If you can negotiate favored nation strading status with one of the world’s most closed-border countries, and prove unbiased referee to all, you can really hold your own on the world stage. These are a massive achievements that none of the larger nations have been able to emulate.
New Zealand, I have left for the time, but I wish you all the best.

PS I love you.

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  • nasska

    There is hope for NZ but not for its National day. It would not matter what such a day was called, where it was celebrated & the date could be picked by annual lottery…..the result will be the same.

    Rather than a day to celebrate unity the whole concept has been hijacked by professional protesters who have a separatist agenda. To continue to send our political representatives & dignitaries to Waitangi for their yearly ritual humiliation is further dividing the nation….not uniting it.

    These protesters are not great in number but their noise is magnified by a media who will not be denied their headlines even if they have to manufacture the news itself. For two weeks prior to the event TV & papers have used rhetoric & conjecture to create an event to report on.

    The concept of a day to commemorate our unity is lost & should be shelved for at least ten years to allow the protesters to wean themselves from the adrenalin rush that Waitangi affords them.

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