Whatchya goin to do Nikki?

Watchya goin to do when they head for Oz?
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Hi Nikki I would like to share a story, not my own but a lovely lady by the name of SĀ 

Ben had a shock today and sadly he’s lost all faith in the police because of it.

We drum into our kids to call the police if they need help, and today his after school program & the school principal was told as there was no patrols in the area (the whole suburb!) there was nothing the police coulddo. Oh but they can go to a police station if they want to lay a complaint.

A woman came onto the s…chool’s property and assaulted one of the ladies running the program, assaulted the school Principal, threatened to burn the school down and said she was going to get the Mongrel Mob to kill all of them.

And she was wearing a monitoring bracelet. No wonder there’s so much crime when criminals know they won’t face any consequences.

Ben doesn’t understand why the police wouldn’t come. What the heck do I tell him? I’m ringing the Area Commander tomorrow to vent my frustration!

And today I learn National have stopped all new cadet intakes this year!See more

; PS, Ben’s 9 yrs old

Anecdotally some of the latest cancelled wing are off to Australia. Guess they’re getting our cops and our engineers. Edited to remove personal names.Ā 

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    What does “assualted” mean in this case, pushed, shoved, touched? If its any of these what is the point of the police throwing everything else aside to rush there. Most people would use their common sense and go to the station to lay a complaint. This story doesn’t say that any of the “assualted” people acutally came to any harm. If there was danger of immediate harm the police would attend- it would be a priority job.

    The fact that she was wearing a bracelet, if it is a monitoring one, means it would have been identified if gone out of range and she will suffer the consequences.

    Many threats like burning a place down and killing people are made every day. Their best mode of action is to go and lay a complaint so it is recorded. If she shows intention to commit a crime such as by making repeated malicious and threatening comments, then that would be grounds to follow it up. If a complaint is laid over this incident, the woman will be spoken to regarding her threat and physical actions, and probably prosecuted for some type of assault.

    While they are down laying their complaint, apply for a trespass notice so that if this woman sets foot on school grounds again, she will be arrested.

    It is not the police’s fault that there are a limited number of them available to respond. They have to prioritise jobs. Perhaps rather than losing faith in the police, who bare the brunt of political decisions, faith in the ever-increasing demanding public should be waning. We demand police be available to attend things where it is just as effective to attend the police station instead. A bit of responsibility as a community member to be aware of limitations of local resources, relative seriousness of your situation, and work within them is required of all of us. This sounds like a stupid woman came on school grounds and gave a few people a shove. Thats grounds for a complaint to be laid and a trespass notice to be issued which is the right course of action, rather than tying up valuable resources that, right at that moment, are probably much more needed elsewhere.

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