Joris de Bres

From the “Facebook Files”.¬† It’s refreshing to see a somewhat public figure speak their mind. Race Relations commissioner Joris de Bres serves¬† back to a writer who accuses him of inverse racism. In doing so he takes a punt at others who have accused him of the same:

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  • Pete George

    Yep, a good response.

    The moral of this is don’t expect grizzling on Kiwiblog to be noticed and investigated by the Race Relations commissioner, put in a proper complaint if you want a different consistency.

  • nasska

    Crap…..the system is set up for thin skinned minority wankers with nothing else to do than fill out complaint forms in triplicate. The people who work & pay taxes to allow these petals to sit on their arses & moan might have the time to type a quick comment on Kiwiblog.

    They don’t have the time nor inclination to engage with a divisive, one-eyed, racist moron like De Bries.

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