Scientists grow sperm from skin.

Giving infertile Dads a chance to become fathers. From the NZ Herald:

Seeing as we women have had to carry the burden of contraception (apart from the late night condom dash), it’s great to read this:

The breakthrough could also lead to new contraceptives and a “miracle pill” to treat infertility

¬†As a mum of five, I’m inclined to think there is more than enough sperm in the world. But it’s great to think that those who want to be parents and can’t will have a shot at parenting their own genetic offspring.

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  • nasska

    This revelation could shake the Catholic faith to the core. This is an outfit that micromanages the issue of sperm to the point where masturbation is a mortal sin & questions about nocturnal emissions are likely to see a man ankle tapped at Heaven’s gates.

    When the Vatican finds out that sperm can be manufactured from skin the makers of anti dandruff shampoo will be in deep shit!

  • Monique Angel

    ha ha . reminds me that, is it Monty Python rhyme, “every sperm is sacred”. How will that scan now that every sperm and skin cell is sacred?

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