No Such Thing as a Happy Period.

Bodyform Feminine hygiene products came in for a pasting recently by ‘Richard’ who posted this on their facebook wall:

The company responded with a rebuttal reminiscent of “You Can’t handle the truth”: Classic

Weird fact #1 When I first arrived in the states I wanted to be prepared for every contingency.
You know, just in case I was ever subjected to a ‘Horse-Riding Period’.
Being a female angel, I thought there was every chance I could fall victim to this phenomenon one day.
So I subjected myself to a relatively traumatic and drawn-out shopping experience as I stared at rows an rows of applicator thingy’s. Whole aisles dedicated to touch free ‘feminine hygiene products’. But, hardly any “umm, err”, ‘products’ without a stoopid cardboard tube.
In America it would seem that if you go ‘applicator commando’, you could very well be in moral peril.

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  • nasska

    Dear God….the memories your revelations bring back. The bitchiness, the mood swings, the bloated carcass, the cramps, the pickled onions with ice cream…..

    And you think we gentle representatives of the male gender are born equipped to handle the shit you lot throw at us monthly?

    PS Best post yet.

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