Trevor the Snake.

I rescued this guy from our patio this morning. Size of a large earthworm.  No rattle on the end so I didn’t have to worry about gloving up to throw him into the bushes. Even the larger ones don’t bother me to touch.  Apparently I bailed up my Mum with a bucket of earthworms when I was a toddler, so I was perhaps born without an aversion to the slimy critters.
Probably a Sharp Tailed snake.

‘e’s named after a certain New Zealand politician. No offence to Big Trev. it takes a certain skill to persist in politics with so many years and make so many enemies that you aren’t seen as ineffectual as you might be in reality.

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  • nasska

    It’s amazing the fun that can be had from the fauna that inhabits the average section. My better half had a morbid aversion to insect life in all its forms. One day when the young bugger was about three I gave him a huhu grub to give to Mum.

    He chased the poor woman around the property determined to present her with the treasure. My stocks & shares took a dive immediately afterwards but such is life.

  • Monique Angel

    What with our pet black widows, we’ve got Boris the Spider ( The Who song), living alongside Trevor and Larry the Lounge Lizard.

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