American Beauty

I sometimes read James Robinson’s Voyages In America blog

From the latest post that describes James’ visit back home to Wellingon:

When I came home last Christmas, I was bemused to see that there was a new Denny’s on Willis Street. It struck me as an odd place for it. For a start, Denny’s is not a great restaurant; by few objective standards is it even a good one. Wellington has a plethora of excellent eateries in walking distance of it. Why would anyone eat at Denny’s over Aro Cafe or The Lido which sit nearby?

Two words, James: Brats and Hippies.

If¬† you park yourself at the Lido ( and I used to do this hungover on a regular basis) then you’re battling the¬† Buggy Brigade.
The stench of liberalism and unwashed hippies is overwhelming in Aro Cafe.
Bloody good coffee though. The best in Welington.
I know this because used to visit Aro Cafe as a smelly liberal bohemian on a regular basis.

Denny’s is a different kettle of fish. It is attractive precisely because it is the antithesis of where you would expect to go to indulge in intellectual discourse. Go to Denny’s to drown out the white noise and high expectations of modern life.
¬†It’s usually deserted at the times you want to visit except for the ubiquitous fat Ginga Kid with long-suffering Mom in tow and a business man in a cheap suit. This holds true for all Denny’s whether you’re in the States or New Zealand.
I love Denny’s I’ve never had a bad pork dinner there and it transports me back to the time in my life when I was in thrall to Stephen Kings¬† “It”.
The ghosts of all dead American pop culture icons sit at neighboring tables in Denny’s.¬†
At Denny’s Pennywise shares a seafood cocktail with Jim Morrison while ‘Spanish Caravan’ plays in the background:

“Carry me Caravan take me away
Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain
Andalusia with fields full of grain
I have to see you again and again
Take me, Spanish Caravan
Yes, I know you can”

¬†You go to Denny’s to be transported to America’s past A past where it defined itself as the last bastion of individual freedoms. If you want real coffee go to a real cafe.

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